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A lead generation website and research tool for new car buyers | Website

1. Logo design

Carkeys Logo

2. Main Website

The main carkeys website has undergone many changes in look and direction, but the original designs I created below were for a research and comparison site for customers looking to buy a new car.

I designed the site to be responsive and tried to keep clutter to a minimum. I wanted the site to be clean to match the logo, but wanted the site to be simple to keep the focus on the information the users were searching for.

Carkeys Website Carkeys Mobile Website

3. Carkeys new concept

As part of the continuing changes at Carkeys, I created the designs below as a concept of a possible new direction it could take.

A lot of the visitors to the website just come to read a review. I wanted to capitalise on that and created a look that had a more “magazine feel” to it.

Carkeys New design concept

Over 50% of visitors to Carkeys was mobile traffic and I wanted the way they navigated to cars to be as simple as possible and feel more like an App than a website.

Carkeys New mobile design concept